Movie Sequels


After the success of films like “The Color of Money” and “Psycho 2” back in the 1980s, there was a lot of interest in Hollywood in making belated classic movie sequels.
A friend of b& who was working as a producer at one of the major studios back then, has recently revealed to us a list of movies that were pitched, but ultimately rejected. This list is published here for the first time, so that we can think about what might have been…

The Fourth Man

TKAM2: Revenge of the Mockingbird

Hello Again Mr Chips

Triple Indemnity

Even More About Eve

Son of Citizen Kane

Thirteen Angry Men

The Kid 2: The Octogenarian

It’s a Wonderful Afterlife

Some Like it Hotter

The Day After the Day the Earth Stood Still

Alas, the moment has passed now, and we we never see Jackie Coogan reprising his role as The Kid, still up to mischief as a senior citizen, with his partner-in-crime the 97 year old Charlie Chaplin. We will never see Anne Baxter play Eve Harrington as a fifty year old has-been living as a recluse in an old house and seducing a scriptwriter who stumbles into her life while hiding from repo men – which is a shame because it sounds like a great story. And we will never see “Thirteen Angry Men” – I do not know what this was about, but Twelve Angry Men was great, so Thirteen must be even better, right?