What are the best Black and White Movies?

All about our favourite classics

Are you a fan of black and white movies?
Then this is the site for you. We have reviews, jokes, blogs, trailers, cartoons, poems (yes, poems), and lots of other fun stuff on all of your favourite films.

Are you an interested newcomer to the world of b&w movies?
Then this is the site for you too! We are not a bunch of stuffy and serious film critics. At b&wm.com we are movie fans first and movie critics second (or maybe even third or fourth, truth be told).


It was agreed – old black and white movies are best.

We aim to provide recommendations for classic old movies you will enjoy, and interesting and funny comments about those you have seen.

We try not to overload you with information – if you want to know the names of the production crew, and the facts and figures about the film’s release, that information is available elsewhere.

Our Philosophy
We try not to treat these classic old movies with too much reverence. A film that was popular sixty years ago because of a particular technique or unexpected plot development might seem dated or clichéd today. Other movies though, have acquired a certain charm as they have aged, precisely because of their old-fashionedness.

What we aim to do is to consider not whether the movie was impressive when it was first released, but whether it would still be enjoyed today by a modern audience (and there are plenty old black and white movies that do fit into that latter category). If, like us, you love movies, but are bored of watching robots fight each other and cars corkscrewing through the air in slow motion, then we invite you to look around this site for our recommendations of classic old movies. You won’t be sorry.

The best way to use this site
…is to browse by genre – Drama, Comedy, Thriller, War, Romance, Horror, Sci-Fi, Film Noir, and Christmas movies – using the links at the top of every page.

However, for those who prefer to browse by title, below is a complete list of all the movies recommended and reviewed on this site. New titles are regularly added.

12 Angry Men
A Night to Remember
All About Eve
Brief Encounter
Cape Fear
Cat People
Christmas in Connecticut
Citizen Kane
Dead of Night
Double Indemnity
Dr Strangelove
From Here to Eternity
Goodbye Mr Chips
High Noon
Holiday Inn
Ice-cold in Alex
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
It Happened One Night
It’s a Wonderful Life
King Kong
Les Diaboliques
Mildred Pierce
Miracle on 34th Street
Mr Blandings Builds his Dream House
Night of the Demon
Night of the Living Dead
Paths of Glory
Remember the Night
Roman Holiday
Sink the Bismarck
Strangers on a Train
Sunset Boulevard
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Apartment
The Bishop’s Wife
The Cabinet of Dr Caligari
The Day the Earth Stood Still
The Enchanted Cottage
The Ghost And Mrs Muir
The Holly and the Ivy
The Hustler
The Invisible Man
The Kid
The Lavender Hill Mob
The Lemon Drop Kid
The Philadelphia Story
The Spiral Staircase
The Third Man
To Kill a Mockingbird
Touch of Evil
Village of the Damned
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

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